Muralizer homepage

Welcome to the Muralizer project! At the moment, we're focused on the hardware and blog, but will have a real homepage up soon.

We also have a a kickstarter project: Muralizer: it prints on walls!, where we're accepting pledges to help fund development. It works like a PBS pledge drive: if you kick in a few bucks, we'll send you a token of our appreciation. Check out the kickstarter project for more details.

We'll have more to announce over time, and will put a proper webpage soon. Until then, please read the Muralizer Project Blog!

Media Coverage:

A special thank-you to the people who helped get Muralizer to its current state: Peter Chang, Naomi Most, Jonathan Moore, Leo Dearden, Christoph Maier, Rachel McConnell, Adam Skory, Shannon Lee, and David Stafford.

Also, thank you to everyone who's pledged money on the kickstarter project, and is helping take Muralizer to the next level: Peter Chang, Naomi Most, Erin Comparri, Jerry Paffendorf, Dan Robinson, Palash, Nathan Wyse, Brooke Schreier Ganz, Craig Blaylock, and Henry Birdseye. Without your support, Muralizer won't be as accessible to non-hackers. Thanks for your help in making this happen!