Paint Party Ideas for Adults


Pablo Picasso

What exactly is a Paint Party though?

It’s going to be a fantastic night filled with creativity and camaraderie! Get a buddy or two, some snacks, and something to refresh you in your drink.

I’ll provide the paints and canvases, and if you put your mind to it, you could just create a masterpiece!

This is entirely unique in comparison to everything else you’ve attempted. It is enjoyable! It’s quite simple!

Unleash the artist that you are deep within, even if you aren’t aware that you have one! You’ll end up with a beautifully painted canvas that you can take with you. Absolutely no previous knowledge of art or painting is required from you in any way.

Perfect for

  • girls’ night out
  • bachelorette party
  • baby shower
  • business team building
  • birthday parties
  • Church groups
  • sororities
  • fraternities
  • or just a great, fun evening!

Benefits of Art

Murals predate man and were the earliest form of media. They have contributed to the survival of numerous cultures. People have been able to transmit their history and customs to us because of their ability to create pictures that communicate important ideas. They recognized the power of art and felt that huge pictures were holy, demanding the attention of everyone who saw them.

Mural artists see themselves as members of a larger community. They learn to respect their contribution to a larger total. Their trip is both inspiring and thought-provoking. They work together to overcome the inherent tension between imagination and execution. They are taught to place more emphasis on the process than the result. They help to create the plan for each piece of art and work together to complete it. Each endeavor emphasizes the need of teamwork, and ‘no one is ever left behind.’

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