Stencilling Hints & Tips

Sky/Sea Backgrounds

You may make a backdrop that looks like the sky by mixing blue and white acrylic paint together in a very loose manner. This ensures that you will still be able to see the white paint throughout the blue. It would be detrimental to the impact if you mixed it up so that it became a different tint. The next step is to transfer the paint using a brush and a generous quantity of paint. You will get the streaky appearance that you want since the paint was not correctly blended. This will make the paint seem uneven.

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Other Backgrounds

You are free to use as much or as little specificity as you feel most at ease with. Each set comes with enough stencils to create a mural, but you can always add more detail if that’s what you want to do. This is because our stencils are meant to eliminate the need for freehand sketching. Visit our sister site, Little Monkey Murals, where you will receive a step-by-step instruction, in order to get more information about elaborate backdrop designs.


Use the inner portions of the stencil over the top of the painted picture to create the detail that you want. This will show you where to put the detail.


As a basis, you should make use of a smooth surface that is, if possible, white or cream. If you have existing wallpaper and do not desire to remove it, you may paint over the top of this with white emulsion, wait for a couple of days, to guarantee that the wallpaper will stay, and then simply put your stencils on top of the painted surface. Before you add any paint to your walls, check to see that they have been thoroughly sealed if they are covered with plaster.


Because it is your mural, you may choose any colours you think are suitable; you can use colours that already exist in the space, or you can let your imagination go wild and choose colours that are vibrant and entertaining.


Why not experiment with illuminating your paintings using luminous paints? If the theme of your mural is outer space, you may paint the planets and stars using luminescent paints, which will continue to shine after the lights have been turned out. Alternately, you might use glitter paints to accent select areas of your mural so that it shimmers when the light hits it.

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