The Colour Scheme

Because you most likely want to make the space light and airy, selecting the colour scheme for the room is quite crucial. If, on the other hand, your kid is certain about the fact that all they want is a theme that is reminiscent of anything from Deep Space 9, then I suppose the decision is entirely up to you.

However, assuming that this is not the case, the colours should be as bright as possible; this is particularly important for infants and young children since it will offer them something to look at and help them concentrate on. Be careful, though, since using an excessive amount of vibrant colours is not a smart idea.

You will be able to paint practically any design without diminishing the amount of light that enters the room if you choose muted, subtle colours for the backgrounds and bright, vivid colours for the designs themselves if you are considering an overarching concept. If you want to get an abstract look, for instance, the backdrop colour should be muted tones of blue or green, and the painted pattern may be as vibrant as you desire.
With murals, if you are going for a Fairy castle or Jungle theme, which could become quite dark, you can counteract this effect by using plenty of sky. Also, keep in mind that there are many different shades of green and grey, so use the lighter shades, and the overall effect will be just as good, but not too dark.

If you decide to paint a mural on one wall and then incorporate a lighter shade on the other walls, then the furniture you use on the other three walls can be as vivid and bold as you like because the background colour will mute the effect. For example, red, green, or blue drawers and accessories will work fine with a pale green wall. If you decide to paint a mural on one wall and then incorporate a lighter shade on the other walls, then you should match your furniture to your design.
If the pattern is carried throughout the whole room, selecting furniture made of light wood is almost always a smart idea. Drawers may be jazzed up with knobs that are affordable, and you can pick drapes in bold colours that compliment the design.

It is important to keep in mind that any accessories, such as bedcovers, curtains, or carpets, should be kept extremely basic, particularly if the design is dramatic. For example, if Barbie is your theme, having a Barbie mural, bedcovers, and curtains might create the impression that the room is too cluttered.
If you are trying for a seascape, then you can combine this with blue and yellow accessories as well as colourful fish door knobs. Solid-colored accessories are preferred, regardless of hue, since they will blend into the design.

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